The Best Social Media Platforms to Help Your SEO

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There are hundreds of social media sites out there, many of which you won’t have heard of. You certainly don’t want to be on all of them (who has the time?), but pick one or two that suit your business, and focus on improving your presence on those select few.

Here are some of the best social media platforms to help with your SEO:


The world’s biggest social media is great for sharing content, growing and engaging with an audience, and building trust.



The top business networking social media site. If you work in the arena of B2B, then LinkedIn is ideal. It’s also the top site for lead generation and popular with marketers. Use it to build a business network and demonstrate your expertise.



Content on Twitter is fast-moving and it’s a great place for regularly sharing links to your content. Make use of hashtags to broaden your audience, and engage with other relevant content to build your reputation.



Instagram is a very visual platform that’s primarily intended to be used on mobile devices. Using relevant hashtags helps you connect with an audience that’s interested in similar topics, while making use of features such as reels and stories are a good way of grabbing the attention of a wider audience.



Reach a younger target audience and via short, engaging videos. Connect more personally with your audience and find more interested users through hashtags.



Used more like a search engine than a social media platform, Pinterest can have phenomenal results for your SEO. Using engaging images and descriptions enhanced with keywords can help users find your content. And, because most users on Pinterest aren’t looking for specific brands, you don’t have to always fight against the big players to be seen.



As it’s owned by Google, you can be sure that any SEO optimisation on YouTube will be beneficial to your overall strategy! This site, where accounts share videos covering billions of topics, is visually appealing and engaging. Videos from the platform often show up in SERPs, and are regularly embedded in other sites, giving you an even wider reach.



Reddit has sections for almost every topic imaginable, so there is plenty of opportunity for finding your niche and doing content research. Be aware, though, that Reddit users are famously anti-marketing, so ensure you’re genuine in your engagement and not pushy with trying to sell your product. Instead, use it to engage with like-minded users.



Perfect for research – users come to Quora to get answers to their questions. Find relevant subjects and either show your expertise by providing helpful answers, or use the platform for content research.


Optimising Social Media for SEO

So what can you do to make your social media work for your SEO? Head to my next post for some of my top tips.

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