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Making a site and its pages ‘SEO Google friendly’ is often a balance between what makes for a good user experience and Google looks for on a page, which determines a page’s SEO indexed position in search results. A ‘User friendly’ site should always be the priority. However, there is no point in building a pretty site, if nobody ever sees it.  

The aim of SEO targeting is to dedicate the structure and content of a page to one or more commonly key words and phrases. Keyword research is all important to determine how users search for your type of business, and here at Our Digital Village it’s our specialty to build your website with SEO targeting in mind.

We are consumed by all on-page and off-page SEO tactics, so you don’t have to be.

Search Engine Optimisation is a range of tactics designed to promote a website’s pages on targeted search engine results pages (ie. Google, Bing, etc). Properly optimised website pages are commonly referred to as ‘Google friendly’. The aim of optimisation is to increase the number of visitors to a website based on matching targeted search queries to the website’s relevant pages.

Search engines display two types of search results, free organic and paid advertising. SEO is primarily used to improve the rank of free organic search results.

Search engines use complicated algorithms to determine which organic links to website pages they display when a user types a query. There is always competition between various websites to get their site to appear on the first page of free search results (the closer to the number one result, the better).

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