Optimising Social Media For SEO

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Your Social Media can work to optimise your SEO – here’s some tips to get you started on getting the most out of your socials!

Create and Share Quality Content

Like for all SEO content creation, producing quality social media content is vital. Whether you share content from your website to your social media platform, or create the content directly on the platform, make sure it’s relevant and engaging for your users – something they want to see and respond to. The more interesting and meaningful your content is to your audience, the more likely they are to click through to your website (where necessary), comment, like, and share.

Building Your Audience

While the size of your social media following won’t directly affect your SEO, a bigger audience means more opportunity for your content to be shared and engaged with. Ensure you’re targeting a following that’s useful to your business. Your mum may be happy to like all of your posts, but she’s not necessarily your ideal customer!

Engage With Your Audience

Being social on your socials is a no brainer. There are all sorts of ways to interact with your audience, and this will vary from platform to platform. Some of the best ways of engaging are to respond to comments on your posts, join groups that fit your niche and join the conversations there, or ask questions that encourage users to respond and interact.

Social platforms are generally considered a personal form of engaging with a business. Users often engage with your social media accounts for an interactive experience where they can receive a more personal experience. Make sure you deliver that.

Encourage Sharing and Make it Easy

While some platforms like Facebook may actually reduce your visibility if you directly ask users to share your post, you can still give people a push to get your content seen. On your website, include social share buttons, and create content that people will want to share themselves, even without being asked. Think carefully about your headings and use appealing visuals to make your pieces more attractive.

By engaging with others in your field and sharing their content, you’ll also build relationships and they’ll be more likely to return the favour now and again.

Good Imagery and/or Video

Many social media platforms are very visual, and on these, posts that include images or video are generally more popular. Make use of this by selecting images and clips that are of a good quality, relevant to your topic, and correctly formatted.

Use Keywords

As for any kind of SEO, the use of keywords is vital for good social SEO. Whether it’s your bio, business description, or individual posts, using relevant keywords can help users find you. Google and other search engines are also more likely to display your page if you use relevant keywords.

You will often find that the keyword strategy for your website can be applied directly to your social media sites.

Provide Plenty of Information

As well as coming to engage, users come to social platforms to find out more about a business. Make sure you give them all the information you can by providing a complete and comprehensive profile that makes use of relevant keywords.

Collect Reviews

Review rating on Facebook

Social sites like Facebook allow users to leave reviews, which are always important to consumers making purchase decisions. Not only will good reviews help you build trust and demonstrate social proof, Google will sometimes show snippets of these in search results.

Be Consistent

Post regularly and post consistently across platforms. While it’s true that each platform has its own style, and your presence on LinkedIn is likely to be different to your presence on Reddit, there still needs to be a vein of consistency. Make sure your branding, overall message and business aims are clear throughout. This will not only help strengthen your brand, but will build trust with users who are seeing you on multiple platforms.

It’s also important to post regularly so that your profile doesn’t become stale. Pick a schedule that you can stick too, and you’ll see much better results than if you publish 10 posts in succession after several months of silence.


While Social Media and SEO are two very different areas of your marketing strategy, they work well in tandem and it’s worth spending time on both. Select one or two social platforms that suit your business, then work on creating and sharing quality content, engaging your audience, and discovering interesting topics in your field.

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Optimising Social Media For SEO

Your Social Media can work to optimise your SEO – here’s some tips to get you started on getting the most out of your socials!

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